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SCALVINI Komplett-Set KTM SX65 / Husqvarna TC65

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A simple, fast and cheap way to prepare your bike for the next season. The best solution to have a "ready-to-race" moto.

This Kit includes:

- 1 SCALVINI RACING EXHAUST, pipe and alloy/steel silencer, o-rings included.

- 2 DT1 FILTERS & 1 ALLOY CAGE which is a high quality replacement for your stock plastic cage. The DT-1 cage eliminates the need to have a backfire screen when used with our flame retardant pre-oiled air filters. The screen less cage with our pre-oiled air filters is sure to give your bike a healthy increase in horsepower. It’s used by factory teams around the world.

- 1 CARBON FIBRE SPACER. The 5mm thickness allows to increase the intake internal volume and it is particularly appreciated on sandy grounds, where the traction has to be set optimally.

- 2 SOUNDPROOF WOOL PACKS. Rivets included.