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Gibson Tyres 80/100-12, TT, MX 5.1 rear, N.H.S

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Text:N.H.S Tyre width:80 Tyre aspect ratio:100 Rim diameter:12 Inner Tube (TT) or Tubeless (TL):TT Tread:MX 5.1 rear Details:Gibson MX 5.1
The Gibson Tyre Technology MX 5.1 Is the ultimate Sand tyre rigorous research and development by our track side technicians has enabled us to provide a unique sand paddle design. Sand paddle design using the latest technology offering an increased level of rubber on the side knob increasing cornering traction and stability. Carcass design has been created for specific sand terrain Sharp paddle design with a reinforced shoulder to support under hard landing and braking We use a softer 1.5mm cushion layer underneath the tread compound to act as a shock absorber upon hard landings and to offer a consistent feel under changing terrains. And finally our patented specially formulated intermediate premium compound, that will always keep you moving forward on any terrain.