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Sidi ATOJO SRS White-Black-Orange fluo

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A Motocross boot must be durable, comfortable and manufactured with high quality
materials to ensure the driver a good sensitivity: the ATOJO SRS motocross boot
has all these features and has also been significantly reduced in weight compared
to previous models, without compromising the protection.
The height of the boot reflects the requirements of our professional athletes
who have helped us to develop and test it.

SRS Dovetail soles:
The SRS interchangeable sole has an innovative design and revolutionary replacement
system. Design and technology are patented by Sidi.
The central part of the sole consists of a replaceable rubber insert designed with a new
interlocking system and 4 screws for safety.

Flex System:
Atojo SRS has two bending points. The first joint under the ankle, to reduce thickness
and m ake the boot smoother and more aerodynamic on the inside. The support brace placed
inside has a limited excursion to prevent hyper-extension of the ankle, of the instep and
of the back tendon.
The second joint, above the ankle, which works in sync with the first one, improves the
flexibility of the boot without compromising the rigidity and lateral protection.

Hyper extension system:
Three removable anti hyperextensions systems; the first on the first joint, the second on
the back of the boot and the third is frontal and is made up of an innovative system
that, t hrough a screwed and replaceable insert, allows a specific tibia flexion range
and freezes if bending is excessive.

Calf Section:
The boot leg is equipped with a suede calf section cover enriched with embossed rubber
inserts which, in addition to providing good grip in contact with the bike, have the
function of protecting the leg from heat. The rubber inserts are also placed on the
insideo f the anklet.

Velcro and buckle closure system:
ATOJO SRS uses a 3-buckles closure that work independently of each other. Each closure
consists of a toothed strap and a hook with a micrometric adjustment memory.
Buckles, straps ens hook are replaceable. The upper part of the boot has a velcro closure
with a soft rubber terminal, for wider adjustment.

Shin plate:
Anatomically shaped PU shin plate, whose structure also extends under the upper for more