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In the forecast of RR-racing products this Platinum Star swingarm is asserting itself as a concentrated package of innovation, functionality and performance. True to its tradition of “Performance parts for our future stars”, RR-racing designed this model as a ”real” swingarm and the construction is specifically set to the needs of the rider to have stability, strength and precision.

Made from of a very special grade of aluminium, being very form stable, lightweight with high strength. Finished of with all RR racing’s Titanium Fastners for the highest quality and biggest weight savings. The Platinum Star Swingarm EVO-3 for the YZ65 houses a increase length of 30mm (center to center) over the OEM swingarm with a setting range of 25mm and is available in Silver and Black Edition.

  • Increased length of 30mm over OEM.
  • With Titanium fasteners and gold-look finished chain tensioning blocks and chainguide bracket.
  • Plug and Play: The only thing you have to do is change the swingarm and lengthen your chain. No need to change other parts of your bike.

Extending the swingarm, and so the wheelbase of the bike, has a lot of benefits.

  • A longer wheelbase makes sure the bike stays more stable in long and deep ruts, braking bumps and deep sand.
  • Engineered with focus on the rear shock, our unique design lets the swingarm work in great harmony with the rear shock . Resulting in an overall increase of stability and confidence of the bike and rider.

By extending the rear of the bike, the front can’t stay behind. To even out the balance of the bike, we also have designed a XL front axle carrier set

Produktinformationen "RR Schwinge"

RR-Racing Schwinge

- aus dem Vollen gefräst

- wesentlich leichter

- L 2,5cm-3,0 cm länger als Standard

- XL 5 cm Länger wie Standard

- deutlich besser als die Serien Massenproduktion