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KTM 65 SX 1998-2008 Samco Silicone Fuel Line Tap Hose

KTM 65 SX 1998-2008 Samco Silicone Fuel Line Tap Hose

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This replacement KTM part is designed replace the OEM fuel tap hose which splits and doesnt look cool, unlike the awesome little fellas made by Samco Sport Silicone hose company.

This KTM fuel line hose fits all KTM 65 SX up to 2008

All hand made in the UK. We sell 100s of this product sold you are sure this is the right part to buy for any KTM owner whether you race SX, MX Enduro or SM this is perfect for you. These also make a great gift.

This is a direct replacement part and comes complete with spring clips for installation.

Orange hoses usually in stock, please allow 4 weeks for delivery for all others colours. As used & Approved by Factory and GP Race teams.

Max Temperature :

180°C (356°F)

Why Choose Samco Sport Silicone Hoses ??

  1. Longer Life Than OEM Rubber Hoses
  2. Extreme Durability
  3. Proven To Lower Temperatures
  4. Extremly High Burst Pressures
  5. Hoses with 3 or 4 Way Connections are moulded into 1 with Samco Sport's unique tooling capabilities, this improves coolant flow and reduce risk of component failure.
  6. Ltd Lifetime Guarantee