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Gibson Tyres 80/100-12, TT, MX 4.1 rear, N.H.S

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Text:N.H.S Tyre width:80 Tyre aspect ratio:100 Rim diameter:12 Inner Tube (TT) or Tubeless (TL):TT Tread:MX 4.1 rear Details:Gibson MX 4.1
The Gibson MX 4.1 is the Ultimate all terrain tyre it works on hard pack conditions and muddy conditions by offering a constant contact with the ground whilst still clearing the dirt with its engineered spacing of the block. The 4.1 has a larger radius at the bottom of the block for strength and durability. By offering a light weight carcass design that is both flexible and strong we have the best of both worlds combining performance with durability to create a tyre that will never loose grip under any circumstance. We use a softer 1.5mm cushion layer underneath the tread compound to act as a shock absorber upon hard landings and to offer a consistent feel under changing terrains. And finally our patented specially formulated intermediate premium compound, that will always keep you moving forward on any terrain.