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Gibson Tyres 2.50-10, TT, MX 1.1 front, N.H.S

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Text:N.H.S Tyre width:2.50 Rim diameter:10 Inner Tube (TT) or Tubeless (TL):TT Tread:MX 1.1 front Details:Gibson MX 1.1 Front
The Gibson Tyre Technology MX 1.1 is the ultimate front tyre offering you every aspect of a premium performance tyre. The alternating centre block has a V shape design and has been engineered with a focus on providing a stable contact with the ground, to offer you a reliable consistent feel that every rider searches for. On the outer row of knobs, we have engineered the tread pattern using a bow tie design to offer a consistent contact with the ground at any angle, and by using the half diamond design and alternating angles this tyre does not struggle to move dirt out of its way and put you in touch with the hard stuff. By offering a light weight carcass design that is both flexible and strong we have the best of both worlds combining performance with durability to create a tyre that will never loose grip under any circumstance .We use a softer 1.5mm cushion layer underneath the tread compound to act as a shock absorber upon hard landings and to offer a consistent feel under changing terrains. And finally our patented specially formulated intermediate premium compound, that will always keep you moving forward on any terrain.