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DUNLOP GEOMAX AT81 120/90-18 65M TT Aktion

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DUNLOP GEOMAX AT81 120/90-18 65M TT

  • "Plush pad" recess design between tread blocks enhances compliance for bump absorption and rider comfort
  • Lateral grooves on shoulder knobs provide additional biting edges and allow the knobs to be more flexible
  • High wear-resistance tire compound offers enhance chipping, tearing and wear resistance
  • M-rated for speeds up to 81 mph
  • Rear tread block shape and distribution plus DIRTuitive Grip Design (DGD) knobs help the tire penetrate through the surface dirt for extra traction; rear center blocks are arranged inline to provide a larger contact patch for maximum traction; rear tire carcass has 2 nylon plies.