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Alpinestars Supertech M5 Action Helmet 24

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  • Lightweight outer shell is constructed from a technologically advanced impact resistant thermoplastic in two sizes.
  • The inner and outer surfaces are engineered to minimize the effects of oblique impacts.
  • Multiple density inner liner ensures correct density in areas for enhanced impact absorption.
  • Patented visor release system ensures the visor is released with the correct pre-determined amount of force, irrespective of the angle of impact.
  • Exhaust ports and multi-air inlets ensure high levels of ventilation and heat transfer.
  • Visor has been designed to direct air into the ports for enhanced airflow.
  • Side shell EPS foam prevents damage to collarbone in event of a crash.
  • Emergency release system and removable cheek pads permit the safe and easy removal of the cheek pads while the helmet is still on.
  • Textile chin strap is soft, 26mm wide and wider than certification requirements for safety and comfort.
  • Comfort liner with Silverplus® treating is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, moisture wicking, removable and washable.
  • 3D contoured foam ensures rider comfort.
  • Hydration tube channels integrated into cheek pads have good performance and are convenient.
  • D-rings are stainless steel ensuring tight and secure fit.