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In the world of performance engines, achieving optimal performance is both sience and art. We at RR are a renowned name in this field, specializing in the remapping of CDI and ECU units to extract every bit of power out of the engine. This sophisticated process requires an intricate understanding of engine dynamics, meticulous calibration. Ultimately unlocking the full potential of the engine.

Understanding CDI and ECU Units

The CDI and ECU units are critical components in modern 2-stroke engines. The CDI system – used in carbureted engines – controls the ignition timing by generating sparks at the pecise moment needed for combustion. The ECU – Used in the injection models – is often referred to as the brain of the engine. It manages various parameters including fuel injection, air intake, and ignition timing. These units come pre-programmed with conservative settings to meet every riders need and ensure reliability under every condition.

The Art of Remapping

Remapping, or reprogramming, involves midigying the software within these units to optimize engine performance. Our process of remapping began with thorough testing and diagnostic checks to understand every bit of the engine powerband and OEM mapping. With that, we identified all the potential areas for improvement.

Customization: Using advanced software tools, we adjust parameters such as fuel maps and ignition timing. This customization is tailored to the specific engine and performance goals.

Testing and Refinement: After initial adjustments, we take our test engines through rigorous testing. A lot of hours on the Dyno, extracting every bit of power, and understanding the differences in settings. On track to make sure the power is useable. This way we are able to fine-tune our remap to ensure optimal power delivery while sustainig reliability.

Implementation: The refined map is saved and ready to be uploaded to our JD CDI units and to the OEM ECU units.

Results of the RR Remap

With our remap we have managed to pull out an overall power increase over the whole RPM-range. An significant increase in throttle response and easier use of the engines performance.